Sony 1TB Hard Disk Drive PSZ-HA1T

Sony’s 1TB professional Mobile Hard Drive has a robust design, FW800 and USB3.0 connections and ships in a solid protective case. Ideal for field use.

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The Sony 1TB Mobile Hard Disk (PSZ-HA1T) is designed to super-protect your data during movement.

Sony Mobile Hard Drives are perfect for the safe transport of your content after a shoot or edit. Each drive comes with a reinforced protective hard case which reduces the chance of damage during shipment, making these Sony drives one of the safest, fastest, and most convenient ways to transfer your important digital assets.

Sony portable storage drives are shielded in a sturdy, shock-resistant silicon cover with interface doors designed to withstand the rigors of professional field use. The internal architecture surrounds the drive with cushions and buffers as an added level of protection. Users can daisy-chain two or three shuttle drives together for double or triple storage space. Their shoot-and-ship capability make them ideal for today’s professional workflow.


  • 3 year warranty.
  • Robust dust and splash proof case.
  • Write operation indicator on front of drive.
  • Stackable feature for multiple writing / use.
  • Cables included inside the hard case USB3 / Firewire 800.
  • Drive itself is splash and dust resistant +
  • Rubber port covers to protect against damage.
  •  2m drop test that conforms to US military standards.
  •  Data recovery service provided direct from Sony.

Sony 1TB Hard Disk Drive

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3 Years


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