LaCie 12TB 2big Quadra with FW800 & USB 3.0

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The LaCie 12TB 2big Quadra with FireWire 800 & USB 3.0 interface is a solidly built 2-Bay RAID storage device.

RAID Options

Leave the 2big Quadra in RAID 0 if you wish to utilise the maximum read/write performance of the disk and maintain maximum capacity of 12TB.

  • Typical use – video/audio/image editing.

Reconfigure the 2big to RAID 1 (mirrored) for secure data protection. Disk 1 will be mirrored in real time to disk two so you always have two copies of your data. You will have 6TB of usable storage.

  • Typical Use – Securely archiving video and image files.

Data Protection

In the event of a drive failure, simply swap in a new disk without switching off the device. No downtime, and no data loss. You also won’t lose any data if, during a file transfer, someone trips over the interface or power cable.

The LaCie 2big Quadra’s cable management system keeps all cables safely connected to the enclosure.

This product is also a complete workstation backup solution. It includes professional backup software that lets you perform file-level and even system-level backup and restore.

The 2big even lets you prevent physical theft thanks to Kensington lock compatibility.

2big Interface

The 2big Quadra has dual FireWire 800 for fast data transfer to old MAC computers. It can also be daisy chained with other FireWire 800 Hard Drives.

If connecting to a new computer use the USB 3.0 which will provide faster transfer speeds.


Dual Cooling System for Long-Term Reliability

Since effective cooling is a critical factor in hard disk reliability, LaCie completely redesigned its 2big enclosure’s cooling system.

It ensures long-term reliability by preventing overheating. The system consists of three key components: an innovative heat-dissipating aluminum casing, a completely redesigned fan, and jumbo heat exhausts.

For the enclosure, its solid-aluminum heat sink design provides 60% more surface area than flat designs, diverting and dissipating heat more efficiently. Its new magnetic levitation fan generates zero vibration or friction.

It pulls heat away from the internal components while being 50% quieter than previous generations.

The fan is also thermo-regulated, so it controls its speed according to the ambient temperature. This means it works more efficiently, prolonging its lifespan and generating less noise.

The 2ig Quadra has more and larger air holes to facilitate airflow and reduce noise. This ultra-quiet cooling system makes the LaCie 2big Quadra perfect for even the most noise-sensitive creative environments.

Warranty and Support

The LaCie 12TB 2big Quadra is protected by a 3 year limited warranty. This includes comprehensive, complimentary web-based resources, expert in-house technical support, and worldwide repair/replacement coverage.

Warranty extensions and Advance Care Option can also be purchased. To purchase after care call sales on 0207 291 0890 when you purchase the product.



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