Recording The Masters SM911 1/4″ on 7″ Plastic Spool

This is SM911 formulation analogue tape. 1/4″ diameter tape on a 7″ plastic spool.

  • Contains 1200ft of analogue tape.
  • 7″ diameter plastic spool, 1/4″ width.
  • Ships in a hinged RTM branded box.

£28.80 inc.Vat | £24.00 ex.VAT

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RTM SM911 1/4″ on 7″ Spool

Standard bias studio tape, specially designed for compatibility with industry standard. For use in music studios and broadcasting for multitrack and mastering recording.

Offering high level uniformity up to the highest frequencies and excellent DC noise and excellent winding even at high speeds.


  • Tape Length:  1200ft
  • Diameter: 1/4″
  • Spool: 7″ radius plastic spool
  • Tape: SM911 (standard bias)


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