Sony PHDVM63DM Digital Master (Box of 10)

Sony Professional Master tape for HDV. The Sony HDV63 Gives 63 minutes of running time in high definition.

Price is for box of 10 tapes.

This product is ordered in per order  – lead time 4-5 working days.

£220.80 inc.Vat | £184.00 ex.VAT


The Sony PHDVM 63 HDV Professional Digital tape is designed for Mini DV, DVCAM and HDV camcorders.

Sony HDV Master Quality

The Sony Digital Master is the only professional videotape with 2 active magnetic layers, improving carrier to noise ratio by 2.5db for 95% fewer errors and 60% fewer dropouts than consumer DV tape.

The use of the Diamond Like Carbon protective layer on the tape resulted in improvement in wear resistance and reduced head wear. Digital Master also offers a protective locking case, preventing accidental opening.

Running Time: 63 min on HDV, 41 min DVCAM.

Sony HD DV Digital Master Professional Tape

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