We stock a wide range of hard drive accessories. Including replacement power supplies, USB and Firewire cables and hard drive modules.

If the product you require is not listed please call our office, we may still may be able to source it.

  • Corning

    Corning (1)

    Corning Cable Systems is a leading manufacturer of fibre optic and long length Thunderbolt Cables for data and video network applications worldwide.
  • Peli

    Peli (4)

    Peli manufacture waterproof, protective cases in a huge range of sizes and configurations, made famous by the Peli Lifetime Guarantee. Customise the case for your kit with the "pick and pluck" foam.
  • Turtle

    Turtle (8)

    Turtle lockable storage boxes and cases are specifically tailored to all common digital media formats and designed to protect them from harm. From hard drive storage containers to magnetic tape carrying cases, Turtle Case has you covered.
  • Adapters

    Adapters (1)

    Enhance your connectivity with our high-speed Adapters, expertly designed to link hard drives and other accessories to your computer seamlessly. Secure the fastest connections by ordering your adapter from our selection here.
  • Hard Drive Cases

    Hard Drive Cases (10)

    Protect and personalise your data storage with our premium selection of Hard Drive Cases, designed for durability, portability, and style.
  • Interface Cables

    Interface Cables (1)

    Bridge your devices flawlessly with Interface Cables, essential for linking various communication systems and ensuring seamless voice, data, and video network solutions. Explore the variety in our collection here.
  • RAID Enclosures

    RAID Enclosures (8)

    Enhance data reliability and system performance with our RAID Enclosures, standing for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, engineered to deliver superior data redundancy, cost-effectiveness, and scalability for your storage needs.
  • Thunderbolt & USB Docks

    Thunderbolt & USB Docks (2)

    Optimise your connectivity and boost productivity with our advanced Thunderbolt & USB Docks, ensuring lightning-fast data transfers, streamlined workflows, and universal compatibility for your essential devices.