G-Technology G-RAID 20TB Removable Thunderbolt 2 & USB 3.0

This drive has been replaced by the Thunderbolt 3 version here.

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The G-Technology G-RAID 20TB with Removable Drives contains two 10TB Enterprise Class Drives Inside. Enterprise Class drives are built to last longer!

G-RAID Supported RAID Levels

The G-Technology G-RAID 20TB ships in RAID 0. When configured in RAID 0 the data is striped across both 10TB disks in order to provide maximum read/write speed and maximum available capacity of 20TB. RAID 0 is ideal for video editing as it provides faster throughput of data.

When configured in RAID 1 the 10TB drives will mirror each other. If one disk fails you will be able to access the data on the working disk. The failed disk can then be removed and replaced with a working drive module and the RAID will rebuild. This is ideal for archive.

JBOD (Just a bunch of disks). The drives can be used independently and will mount on the desktop as separate drives.

G-RAID 20TB Connections

The G-Technology G-RAID 20TB has dual Thunderbolt2 connections so can be daisy chained with other Thunderbolt drives (up to 6).

The G-RAID also has a single USB 3.0 port so can be used with non-thunderbolt computers. When connected via USB 3.0 the G-RAID will still provide adequate speeds for video editing (also backwards compatible with USB 2.0).

G-RAID Transfer Speeds

When configured in RAID 0 and connected via Thunderbolt2 the G-RAID will provide transfer speeds of up to 480MB/s. Ideal for video editing, streaming 2k/4k footage, working with hi-res photography or archiving large amounts of media files.

Removable Drive Modules

The front grill of the G-RAID can be opened to gain access to the drive modules inside. Should you wish to archive the data on your existing drives and purchase replacement drive modules simply push the grey button and the drive pop out.

Warranty and Support

The G-Technology G-RAID 20TB has a 3 year limited warranty. Technical support is available via phone or email.



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