G-Technology specialise in data storage solutions for creative professionals.

If you need help deciding which G-Technology solution is right for you please call sales on 0207 291 0890.

  • G-Technology Desktop Drives

    G-Technology Desktop Drives (3)

    The G-Technology Desktop category is for Single Disk Mains Powered hard drives. You can use the filters on the left to find your drive by selecting capacity, interface options (e.g. USB 3.0, Thunderbolt) etc.
  • G-Technology SSD

    G-Technology SSD (5)

    SSD (Solid State Drives) by G-Technology. The ideal product for super fast data transfer and reliability due to no moving parts, compared to spinning HDD. Data transfer speeds range from 500MB/s (with USB-C) up to 2800MB/s with Thunderbolt 3!
  • G-Technology Mobile Drives

    G-Technology Mobile Drives (7)

    G-Technology Mobile drives are portable external hard drives which do not require mains power. They are powered via the USB, FW or Thunderbolt cable. Please use the product filter on the left to find your drive or sort by newness, price or popularity using the drop down below.
  • G-Technology RAID Drives

    G-Technology RAID Drives (4)

    The G-Technology RAID category is for all G-Tech's RAID Solutions including: G-RAID, G-Speed Studio XL and G-Speed Shuttle XL. Unsure what to buy? Call our friendly sales team on 0207 291 0890 for expert advise.
  • G-Technology Accessories

    G-Technology Accessories (9)

    For all your G-Technology power supplies, spare hard drive modules, G-Dock accessories and protective ATC cases. If the G-Technology accessory you require is not listed please call sales on 0207 291 0890.