Oyen Mobius 5-Bay RAID Enclosure with FW800, eSATA & USB 3.0

5-Bay RAID Enclosure with multiple interfaces including FW400, FW800, USB3.0 and eSATA.

Can house up to 5x 3.5″ SATA Hard Disks which can be set in multiple RAID configurations including JBOD.

Ideal for accessing multiple hard disks through one computer interface.

Please note – Supports SATA hard drives 512 n/e only. Not compatible with 4Kn drives! Please check before purchasing.

£262.08 inc.Vat | £218.40 ex.VAT

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The Oyen Mobius 5-Bay RAID System is a powerful RAID storage management device with flexible connectivity and easy HDD access.

It can house up to 50TB worth of hard drives (5 x 10TB) so ideal if you require high capacity data storage.

RAID Options

The Oyen Mobius 5-Bay can be configured in several RAID modes including:

RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring), RAID 10, RAID 3, RAID 5, JBOD (independent disks) and Combine (Span).

LED indicators provide easy verification of operating status and drive health/activity.

Trayless Design

Mobius 5-Bay has a trayless design providing easy removal and installation of your hard disks (no need for screws and screwdriver!). Simply pull the handle to insert or withdraw the HDDs.

Airflow is maximized due to the high quality, quiet fans that exhaust air away from the internal HDDs, dramatically enhancing internal air flow. The thermally efficient aluminum also maintains optimal HDD operating temperature, prolonging the life of the HDDs.

Using the Mobius is as easy as using a single bay external enclosure. Simply insert your HDDs, set the RAID mode via the mode switch, connect the cables, and turn on the power for massive storage capacity, redundancy or instant real-time backups.

Recommended Drives

It is recommend to use only Enterprise or NAS drives. Although they will work, Oyen do NOT recommend the use of consumer-level drives such as WD Green, Blue, Black and Seagate Barracuda. Use of these drives may inhibit performance and limit technical support.

Please contact sales (0207 291 0890) for price and availability on Enterprise Class and NAS drives including WD RED, WD RED Pro, Seagate Iron Wolf and Seagate Iron Wolf Pro.


The Oyen Mobius 5-Bay RAID System has a 2 year warranty.

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