Sony DVCAM Small Shell (12 – 41) Minutes

Small Shell Sony DVCAM professional tape for Sony DSR-PD150 Camera.

Available in 12, 22, 32 and 41 minutes. Also works with HDV cameras.


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The Sony DVCAM is a professional broadcast tape designed for use with the Sony DSR-PD150 camera. It can also be used with Mini DV and small shell HDV cameras. It delivers the superior image quality that DV compression affords and is thus ideal for both high-quality editing and low-cost acquisition.

Sony Manufacturing Quality

Sony DVCAM is manufactured at the Sony Chemical Information Device in Japan, one of the world’s most advanced recording media production facilities. With the very latest equipment, a highly trained workforce and ISO9001 certification, Sony Chemical Information Device is synonymous with supreme quality and reliability.

Being a professional video format, DVCAM is technically superior to consumer DV media. Advanced technology, latest components and sophisticated production techniques ensure DVCAM is the ideal choice for professional productions. Quality is guaranteed with 100% final product inspection.

  • Less Errors – With 50% less dropouts than consumer DV, errors are minimised and quality improved.
  • Cost Saving – Minimize head wear and maximize the life of your equipment.
  • Safe and Secure – Protected by a tough hard case for professional shooting in extreme conditions.
  • Fully Tested – Unlike DV media, 100% of DVCAM tapes are checked during the winding, assembling and packing process.
  • Ideal for HD – Gives you the freedom to shoot in high definition with full HDV compatibility .

Sony DVCAM 041N

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Length (Minutes)

12, 22, 32, 41


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