Protape LTD Corporate Social Responsibility – January 2023

Protape Ltd strives to be a good corporate citizen. Through its managers and through its people, Protape Ltd is committed to promoting protection of the environment; supporting local communities; promoting equal opportunities; ensuring safe and efficient working practices; and working with suppliers who uphold similar values.


The company recognises that our people are our greatest asset and key to continued growth and success and as such, we are committed to providing careers and working environments in which our people can achieve to their fullest potential.
The company has a commitment to keeping employees informed of company affairs through regular staff meetings. Employees can access the Company intranet to obtain general information on the company. Employees are encouraged to discuss operational issues with their line management and to suggest ways to improve performance and efficiency.

Developing future talent is fundamental to Protape Ltd. We offer training where necessary and encourage and help all staff to grow their abilities and talents.

The Company:

Provides clear and fair terms of employment for its employees.
Provides clean, healthy and safe working conditions.
Has a fair remuneration policy everywhere we operate.
Strives for equal opportunities for all present and potential employees.
Encourages employees to develop skills and progress in their careers.
Does not employ underage staff.
Ensures that staff are aware of the companies policies on insider trading, bribery and inappropriate gifts, money laundering and whistle blowing.
Encouraging a harmonious working environment with zero tolerance to bullying or to any form of harassment linked to an individual’s sex or other personal characteristics.