SanDisk Professional G-RAID Shuttle 4 (24TB – 80TB)

The G-RAID Shuttle 4 by SanDisk Professional is a transportable 4-bay hardware RAID solution with Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C interfaces. Data transfer rates up to 1000MB/s (read) and 1100MB/s (write).


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The G-RAID Shuttle 4 offers super-fast access for real-time video editing, supporting multi-stream 4K workflows. Pre-formatted for MAC OS but can be easily reformatted for Windows/PC.

Removable Enterprise Class Drives

Shuttle 4 ships with 4 x 7200rpm Ultrastar enterprise-class hard drives inside for enhanced reliability. The drive modules are removable should you wish to upgrade or replace the disks. In the event of a drive failure, simply remove the failed module and replace it with a new disk. The RAID will automatically rebuild.

Built-in Hardware RAID

The G-RAID Shuttle 4 is pre-configured in RAID 5 providing a balance between performance (read/write speed) and redundancy (1 disk can fail and the Shuttle 4 will stay online allowing full access to data).

The Shuttle 4 can also be re-configured to: RAID 0, 1, 10, or JBOD using the G-Technology software utility.

Choose RAID 0 for maximum read/write speed but no data redundancy (ideal for video editing). RAID 1 will provide two copies of your data, RAID 5 provides the best of both worlds.

Massive Capacity

SanDisk Professional Shuttle 4 is available in three capacities: 24TB, 48TB and a massive 72TB. In RAID 5 you will lose 1 disks worth of storage overall so bear this in mind when choosing your solution.

  • 24TB provides 18TB of usable storage in RAID 5.
  • 48TB provides 36TB of usable storage in RAID 5.
  • 72TB provides 54TB of usable storage in RAID 5.

High-Speed Data Transfer

Shuttle 4 provides data transfer speeds up to 1000MB/s (read) and 1100MB/s (write). This is when configured in RAID 0 and connected via Thunderbolt 3.

Ideal for multi-stream 4K, 8K and VR workflows. Quickly move or copy all your media so you can spend less time waiting and more time creating.

Transportable Design

With it’s rock solid 4-bay chassis and built in ‘carry handle’ the G-RAID Shuttle 4 is easy to transport. It’s the ideal RAID solution for using on film sets and “in the field”. Equally at home in the studio with it’s stylish design.

Daisy-chain up to 5 Additional Devices

With dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, you can conveniently daisy chain up to 5 additional devices, keeping you connected to multiple drives, 4K displays, and more, through a single connection to your computer.

5-Year Limited Warranty

Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, you can be confident in the reliable storage of the G-RAID SHUTTLE 4 for years to come.


  • macOS 10.15+ (Time Machine compatible).
  • Windows 10+ (via reformat).
  • Thunderbolt 3 interface.

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