Glyph StudioRAID Thunderbolt 2 Hard Drive (2TB – 28TB)

Glyph’s Dual Disk RAID Solution with Dual Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 connections. Solid design and switchable RAID Modes.

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The Glyph StudioRAID Thunderbolt 2 is the ideal storage solution for audio and video editing with high speed interfaces and RAID capability.

Configurable RAID Modes

The Glyph StudioRAID can be configured in the following RAID Modes.

  • RAID 0: The Data is striped across both disks giving maximum performance and capacity (choose this for video editing).
  • RAID 1: This mirrors the disks giving two identical copies of your data. Dual backup is ideal for security.
  • JBOD: Each disk will mount separately on the desktop and can be used independently.
  • SPAN: 

The RAID level is changeable by using a switch on the back of the unit, no software is required.


The Glyph StudioRAID has two Thunderbolt 2 connections so can be daisy chained with Thunderbolt devices. It has and additional USB 3.0 port allowing you to connect to non-thunderbolt computers.

High Speed

When configured in RAID 0, the StudioRAID will provide transfer rates up to 360MB/s and supports editing and playback of multiple HD video streams.


The Glyph is pre-formatted for MAC (HFS+) but can be easily reformatted for PC.

Internal Power Supply

The StudioRAID has an internal power supply so there’s no need to worry about having a propriety PSU. A simple kettle lead will power the device (included).

Glyph 3-2-1 Warranty

Glyph pride themselves on a great warranty service called 3-2-1.

  • 3 Years Hardware Warranty.
  • 2 Years Basic Data Recovery.
  • 1 Year Advance Replacement.

Further Info:

  • 7200rpm disks inside
  • Cooling: Intelligent quiet fan
  • Rugged all metal enclosure
  • Pro-grade internal power supply
  • Auto-sensing power
  • Disk health monitoring
  • Soft-touch power switch
  • Rackmount kit available
  • Dimensions: 79 x 218 x 162 mm


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Mains Powered

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