Sony HDCAM SR Tapes (6 – 124) Minutes

Sony HDCAM SR tapes for professional broadcast and delivery.

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Sony HDCAM SR digital cassettes are designed to maximise recordings in HDCAM SR digital videotape recorders capturing recording wavelengths to 0.29mm and represent the highest performance metal particle tape.

Available in: 6, 33, 40 Minutes (Small Shell) and 64, 94, 124 Minutes (Large Shell).

Sony HDCAM SR digital cassettes feature ultra-fine high-performance metal particles and new calendaring technology to realise high output and high C/N.

Sony HDCAM SR tapes have the durability to withstand repeated playbacks and edits.



Sony HDCAM SRL 124

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Length (Minutes)

124, 33, 40, 6, 64, 94


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