New G-Technology Products – Coming Soon

We are excited about some of the new products soon to be released by G-Technology.

G-Speed Studio XL (ev)

Firstly in the ‘Studio’ range is the G-Speed Studio XL (ev). This is basically the G-Speed Studio XL but with two integrated bay adapters which can accommodate any of the EV series mobile hard drives. So 6 of the bays are populated with the 3.5″ SATA enterprise class drives as part of the RAID array with the other two bays reserved for ev mobile drives.

The idea behind this is so you can transfer files quickly from your G-Speed Studio XL on to an EV drive then remove the drive – for example if you wish to give rushes to an editor to take off site. The editor can then take this ev drive and connect it directly to a computer via USB3.0 or within a G-Dock.

G-Dock EV Solo

The G-Dock EV Solo is a single bay docking station with USB3.0 interface. It takes all G-Technology ‘ev’ mobile hard drives and provides a convenient and safer way to access your data i.e. via the dock without having to mess around with cables and plugging in and out of the mini USB port.

ev Series Reader Red Mini-Mag Edition

Transfer your red footage from the Red Mini-Mag card quickly and easily by inserting it the ev Series Reader. The reader has USB3.0 for high speed data or can be slotted in to the G-Dock with thunderbolt or G-Speed Studio XL (ev), shown above.

ev Series Reader
 SATA to Firewire

Do you own an ev series mobile hard drive (e.g. G-Drive ev RAW) with USB3.0 but wish to connect via Firewire? If so this is the product for you. Simply slot this adaptor onto the SATA port on the back of the drive and you will be able to connect via firewire 800. The adaptor has 2 Firewire 800 ports you can daisy chain should you wish.

Available now – contact us or call our office on 0207 291 0890 for pricing and availability .