Introducing SanDisk Professional

SanDisk Professional Logo 2G-Technology has combined with SanDisk to create the SanDisk Professional Brand.

Premium, pro-grade storage solutions built to flow with you, scalable to expand for any level of production and the durability to help protect your content that matters most.

SanDisk Professional Family noBG

Key Differences

  • Product names have changed slightly to reflect the new branding.
  • G-Drive SSD will now transfer data twice as fast at 1050MB/s (populated with NVMe SSD).
  • The G-Speed Shuttle range (now G-RAID SHUTTLE) is now compatible with USB-C as well as Thunderbolt, massively increasing the range of computers it will work with.
  • Streamlined RAID capacities.
  • New G-Technology products will be released under the SanDisk Professional brand.

New G-Drive with USB-C

New G-RAID 2


Browse the New SanDisk Professional Range here.

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