Sony Professional RAID Hard Drives – New Product Review

Sony have released a desktop 2-Bay RAID solution available in 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and 12TB capacities.

  • PSZ-RA4T
  • PSZ-RA6T
  • PSZ-RA8T
  • PSZ-RA12T

Robust Design

The Sony Professional RAID HDD has a protective rubber case with a built in handle so is ideal for carrying around on location. The rubber case also act as a shock absorber which will protect the unit should you accidentally drop or knock the drive.

The Sony RAID also has internal dampers to protect the drive from vibrations and drops.

Supported RAID Levels

The Sony Professional RAID is a Dual Disk system which can be configured in the following RAID modes.

  • RAID 0 – The data is striped across both disks which provides optimum speed and maximum capacity. This is ideal for video editing and streaming 2k/ 4k footage. The 4TB will provide 4TB of usable storage in RAID 0. (6TB provides just under 6TB in RAID 0)
  • RAID 1 – The disks will mirror each other. i.e. The 6TB will provide 3TB of usable storage and two identical copies. This is ideal for archiving as you will have two copies of your data for security. In the event of a disk failing you can access the data on the other disk.
  • JBOD – Both disks are independent and will mount separately on the desktop so in effect you have two hard drives in one chassis.

The 2-Bay RAID can be configured using simple switches on the back of the unit. You toggle between the RAID modes and then press the confirm button to set the desired RAID Mode.

Hard Drive Interface

The Sony Professional RAID has two Thunderbolt-2 ports and one USB 3.0 port. Therefore you can daisy chain this unit (via Thunderbolt) with up to 5 other Thunderbolt drives or a Thunderbolt Monitor at the end of the chain.

Transfer Speed

When connecting via Thunderbolt and configured in RAID 0 the unit will provide up to 440MB/s.

Warranty and Data Recovery

The Sony RAID has a 3 year warranty. Sony also provide a data recovery service. They will aim to recover lost or damaged content using cutting edge facilities and techniques in Sony’s own Technical Centre.