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symply logoHere at Protape, we specialise in reliable, professional brands to ensure your data is stored with the highest integrity. With that said, we welcome ‘Symply‘ to our portfolio.

Symply started out in 2016 with a basic philosophy: design and build the best workflow-enhancement and storage solutions for the media and entertainment industry, Apple, and SMB users regardless of company size. Since then, we grew and were acquired, but the philosophy remains the same.

The ‘Symply’ range will be focussing on two main areas of storage: LTO for archive and an 8-Bay HDD RAID solution for high end video editing and fast access.

Symply LTO for Archive

Available in a range of options with both SAS and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, Symply LTO tapes drives are light weight, built with the highest quality components and with a forward thinking modular design. Whether you require a basic half height single bay tape drive, a faster full height LTO9 drive, dual LTO drives in one chassis, or one with built in SSD or Atomos card readers (SymplyDIT) for use ‘on set’, Symply have a solution.

Please browse the LTO drive range below.

Symply LTO Tape Drives

Symply Spark – 8-Bay RAID Solution

Symply Spark is a solid built, 8-Bay RAID, with Enterprise Class Disks and a carry handle. Some of the unique features of Spark are:

  • Optimised for the new generation of multi-actuator hard drives that deliver SSD-like performance at a fraction the cost.
  • Ships in a wheeled hard case (not an additional accessory/cost).
  • Studio Mode: Dim the LED lights when in a studio environment.
  • HDD Positioning Pin – prevents the HDD slipping out of the SATA port during transportation.
  • Modular design: Advanced field serviceable design for maximum up-time. Basically if the fan or internal PSU breaks this can be easily replaced by the end user. You can also purchase a spares kit to keep on site.


Please contact a member of our sales team if you would like further information or a quotation on Symply products.

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